1. What is ungraded system?

Ungraded System of Education means that grades or numerical values are not used to show if a learner has learned the lesson. Rather, check marks are used to indicate that a learner has mastered the lesson. Moreover, it means that learners are compared to the standards and not to other students.

2. If there are no grades, will our child be accepted to other schools if we plan to transfer or if our child has graduated elementary or high school?

Yes. When this happens, we transmute numerically your child’s performance and accomplishment so that the school you are transferring to will understand what your child has done in school.

3. Is this system accredited by DepEd?

Definitely yes! We are recognized in all academic programs we offer.

4. What is Mastery Learning?

Mastery Learning is a strategy of learning wherein a learner is given different avenues to learn and master a given lesson. It also means that a learner will only proceed to the next lesson after he fully masters the current lesson.

5. How do we enroll?

First, your child needs to take a Placement Examination. The Placement Examination checks if your child is ready for the level he/she is applying for. You will be notified within a week of the result. It is best that you bring your child’s Form 138 upon evaluation.

6. What are the possible result of the Placement Test?

Possible results may be:

  • the learner-applicant has mastered the pre-requisite skills needed for the level applied for. Thus, is ready for the level applied for.
  • the learner needs to take extra learning modules in order to master the pre-requisite skills needed for the level applied for.
7. How long will it take my child to finish the extra modules as per result of Placement Test?

It depends on your child. He can target to finish the extra learning module in advance so that he can move to his current learning material.

8. What is a learning module?

A learning module is a self-contained self-learning material which Seibo uses as a primary means of learning. It is written for the learner, which is why learners can understand it even if they study it by themselves.

9. What is Home Education Learning Program?

Home Education Learning Program (HELP) is a program designed to accommodate learners who want an alternative method of delivery of formal education. They study at the comfort of their homes and report to school for assessment at their convenient time and schedule.

10. Can students abroad enroll to HELP?

Yes! In fact, we have a number of learners enrolled who are located outside the Philippines.

11. How will students abroad take mastery tests?

Learners outside the Philippines can take their mastery tests using the online learning portal of the school. However, final assessment tests must be done on a face-to-face basis. The face-to-face evaluation schedule will depend on your availability and the frequency of the visit to the Philippines.

12. Can HELP learners across the Philippines take the Mastery Tests online?
Yes! Same with those who are abroad, final assessments must be done personally and on their convenient schedule.
13. Do you accept learners with special needs?
Yes, through our Special Modification for Intensive Learning (SMILe) Program. Right now, we are limited to accepting special learners who are able to perform academic work or are highly functioning.
14. Do you have branches or centers outside Malabon?

Yes! We have around 41 learning centers across the Philippines. You may click the Community-Based HELP Learning Centers for more information.

15. How much is the tuition fee?

Tuition Fee ranges from around Php23,000 - Php32,000 from Nursery to YS 11 and Php25,000 for Senior High School. 

16. What universities does your graduates go to?
Our graduates go to prominent universities in the Philippines like UP, Ateneo, La Salle, Benilde, FEU, UE, MCU, Our Lady of Fatima, UST and other State Universities. Most of them graduated with flying colors. Some have been consistent dean’s listers in their universities. This is because they have developed good and effective study habits and independence in learning.
17. How do Seibo differ with other schools?

We enable our students to develop 21st Century Skills and by this, they become self-managing, self-evaluating, self-directed and self-regulated learners. These skills are essential to survive the future which is full of rapid changes. Moreover, we enable our learners to love learning and collaborate or team with others instead of competing with one another. Furthermore, we let our learners see the value of spirituality of communion made famous by Blessed John Paul II.

18. Since the system is self-paced, is it possible for a learner to finish before the regular school year?

Yes. If a learner masters lessons fast, he/she may proceed to the next lesson without waiting for other learners. This would mean that he/she can finish a level before the end of 10 months. As a matter of fact, we have learners who were able to finish at least one level in one academic year.