Academic Programs


Regular Individualized Learning Program (RILP)

Learners under this program report to school daily and is personally assisted by the learning facilitators.


Home Education Learning Program (HELP)

Learners under this program study at the comfort of their homes and reports to school at their convenient time and schedule. HELP has two modes: School-Based HELP and Community-Based HELP.
School-Based HELP

Learners under School-Based HELP are learners directly enrolled to Seibo HELP. They are personally or virtually assisted by the learning facilitators.
Community-Based HELP

Learners under Community-Based HELP are learners who are under the care of the 41 learning centers of Seibo College CB-HELP across the Philippines. They are personally handled by administrators and mentors within their community. Summative Assessments are given by Seibo Learning Facilitators. Click here to see the CB-HELP Learning Centers


Special Modification for Intensive Learning (SMILe) Program

Learners with special needs are catered in this program. Also, learners who find it difficult to cope with the Regular Individualized Learning Program are accommodated to this program. This program is a transient program which aims to include learners with special needs into the RILP.


Senior High School

Learners who are still undecided on which career path they would like to take may enroll in our Senior High School Academic Track General Academic Strand. Learners who are enrolled in this program will experience the same accommodation with the rest of the learners. Learning Modules and Self-Paced Learning will be utilized. Electives from the different tracks will be offered to help them choose the career to pursue.