We enable our students to develop 21st Century Skills and by this, they become self-managing, selfevaluating, self-directed and self-regulated learners. These skills are essential to survive the future which is full of rapid changes. Moreover, we enable our learners to love learning and collaborate or team with others instead of
competing with one another. Furthermore, we let our learners see the value of spirituality of communion made famous by Blessed John Paul II.

First, your child needs to take a Placement Examination. The Placement Examination checks if your child is ready for the level he/she is applying for. You will be notified within a week of the result. It is best that you bring your child’s Form 138 upon evaluation.

Tuition Fee ranges from around Php23,000 – Php32,000 from Nursery to YS 11 and Php25,000 for Senior High School. Please click the link for the complete schedule of fees.

Definitely yes! We are recognized in all academic programs we offer.

A learning module is a self contained self-learning material which Seibo uses as a primary means of learning. It is written for the learner, which is why learners can understand it even if they study it by themselves.

Ungraded System of Education means that grades or numerical values are not used to show if a learner has learned the lesson. Rather, check marks are used to indicate that a learner has mastered the lesson. Moreover, it means that learners are compared to the standards and not to other students.


Academic Programs

  • Regular Individualized Learning Program
  • Home Education Learning Program
  • Special Modification for Intensive Learning
  • Senior High School


  • Enrollment Procedure
  • Releasing of Credentials
  • Downloadable Forms
  • Online Forms
Welcome To Seibo College

A Great Place for Education

Seibo College’s philosophy in education is anchored on the principle of individual differences. Every individual is unique. Therefore, different types of activities or methods and techniques of teaching and learning are evident in the learning stations.
Our Main Advantages

The Seibo Advantage

We aim to produce responsible and independent individuals.
To achieve this, our educational system utilizes the following to
cater to our learners’ individual differences and to be flexible in
accommodating different learning needs.


Ungraded System of Education

provides our learners motivational remarks that urge them to do more and feel better about themselves


Modular System of Instruction

Self-learning modules provide
support for learners to set goals, to manage their learning, and to communicate with others in the process of learning.


Self-paced Learning

allows the learner to control the
pace of his learning through
flexible arrangements


Mastery Learning

entails a learner to have a complete and substantial understanding of the current learning objective before proceeding to the subsequent learning objective