About Us

Seibo College is a Filipino Catholic School situated in Panghulo, Malabon City that utilizes the Ungraded System of Education. It is founded by Fr. Rogelio B. Alarcon, O.P., the Father of Home Study in the Philippines.

Seibo College’s philosophy in education is anchored on the principle of individual differences. Every individual is unique. Therefore, different types of activities or methods and techniques of teaching and learning are evident in the learning stations. Moreover, each child grows and develops as a whole through his own experience or through what we call self-activity. With this, learning in Seibo is an active process; the learner is deeply involved in his learning and as such he learns by experiencing, doing, and understanding.

Furthermore, Seibo’s philosophy is that of a progressive education. In this school of thought, the child is made the center of the educative process. Hence, the child, with purposes and interests, is made the starting principle of learning. Guidance is also an integral part of learning. According to progressivists, education is a process of guidance. It is a part any educative process as far as growth and development of an individual is concerned.


Seibo College aims to produce learners who:

  • are believers and good followers of Christ;
  • are responsible, independent, effective planners and wise decision-makers;
  • love and value learning and as an effect become lifelong learners;
  • respect and honor life.

Fr. Alarcon


Our Vision

We, the learning community of Seibo College, Malabon City, a Filipino Catholic educational institution, committed to make formal Basic and Catholic education accessible to every Filipino through responsible and independent learning. Guided by the Spirituality of Communion of St. John Paul II, the missionary spirit of St. Candida Maria De Jesus and the moral excellence of Seibo Maria, Rosa Mystica, envision a better and renewed peaceful society built on piety, integrity and service.


Our Mission

Inspired by its vision, Seibo College commits to be an exemplar in creating avenues of literacy characterized by good Christian faith and values to every Filipino especially to the marginalized. It will continuously provide programs and innovations, like the Home Education Learning Program (HELP), that will promote responsible, independent and life-respecting learning. Thus, will produce academically competent, Christian-devoted, upright and service-oriented learners.

Our History

Seibo College was built on God-destined series of events. When the children of the late Anatolia B. Alarcon inherited the almost 2-hectare land in Panghulo, Malabon, she wisely said to them that “Lands you inherit should never be sold”. Fr. Rogelio B. Alarcon, her second child, a Dominican priest; a staunch advocate of the ungraded system; an advocate of making education accessible to every Filipino; and the founder of the first ungraded school in the Philippines, taught of building an ungraded school on their inherited land. This school will encompass all his ideals, visions and dreams in providing quality, responsible and independent learning. Knowing that neither he nor his sister, Milagros, a Franciscan Missionary based in Tokyo, Japan cannot be physically present to handle the school, his dream of building it seemed impossible to pursue.

Carmen R. Reyes and her family, a very close friend of the Alarcons, knew of the dilemma and proposed to become a partner in building the school because of the deep friendship, love and advocacy they shared.

FEB 2, 2002

The two families together with their friends and relatives laid the cornerstones of the College. The college’s name, Seibo College, manifests the devotion of the two families to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Japanese term for Holy Mother, SEIBO, Sei – Holy, Bo – Mother, was used to honor Sr. Milagros Alarcon’s missionary work in Japan.

SEPT 8, 2002

Seibo College was officially founded as it carried out the school motto: piety, integrity and service. On this first school year, 18 learners were enrolled in the pre-elementary and elementary courses handled by 2 willing to experiment teachers.

MAR 2-7, 2007

The First Director of the College, Ms. Angelita Reyes, edified the example set by the founder and headed an outreach program in Palawan. In the same year, to meet the demand of the growing population, the T.L.E. and P.E. rooms and school playground were constructed.

MAR 18, 2008

The college received its Government Recognition for its Pre-elementary and Elementary Course. On the following year, the Secondary Course was also recognized.

MAY 2010

Fr. Alarcon returned to the Philippines for good after being sent on a mission to build a Catholic University in Ethiopia. Fr. Alarcon was recognized by the Department of Education as the “Father of Home Study Program” in the Philippines. On the same year he appointed Ms. Tanya Maria Janika Mesina-David as the second director of the college.

2011- 2012

Innovations on the delivery mode of the preschool program, YS-2 – YS-4 programs were implemented. Both programs accommodate multi-level learners. Informal learning structures were incorporated in all learning stations to accommodate more the multiple intelligences of learners.

2014- 2015

The SMILe Program was introduced. SMILe Program is a transient program which accommodates learners who still need to be trained for the Regular Individualized Learning program. These learners may have learning disability or learning lags. This program is also a stepping stone for the special education program the college wishes to offer. Moreover, the college was able to establish 30 Community-Based Learning Centers throughout the Philippines which accommodated more than 200 learners

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Love for Learning


Learners acquire 21st Century Learning Skills


Flexible System to cater individual differences


Learning is not confined in school


Study anytime and anywhere