Assessment Form

MM slash DD slash YYYY

Kindly read and understand the following conditions carefully.

  1. My child may not be allowed to enter the school and attend his/her classes if we fail to pay 2 months of his tuition fee and other school fees as indicated in the current schedule of payment.
  2. He/She shall only be readmitted as soon as the said fees are paid
  3. Our child will be solely responsible in keeping up with the lessons during the school days our child was not allowed to enter and attend classes.
  4. The school may imposed a penalty of Php 300.00 for every payment delay
  5. Modules and Workbooks will only be given upon full payment
  6. Failure to communicate, provide and/or update our contact number will waive our right to reverse penalties
  7. Our child may not be allowed to re-enroll in the succeeding years if we have not yet paid all outstanding balances in the current year.
  8. All original deposit slips will be surrendered for issuance of Official Receipts. Payments without deposit slips will not be honored.