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Welcome To Seibo College

Seibo College is a Filipino Catholic School situated in Panghulo, Malabon City that utilizes the Ungraded System of Education. It is founded by Fr. Rogelio B. Alarcon, O.P., the Father of Home Study in the Philippines.

Seibo College’s philosophy in education is anchored on the principle of individual differences. Every individual is unique. Therefore, different types of activities or methods and techniques of teaching and learning are evident in the learning stations. Moreover, each child grows and develops as a whole through his own experience or through what we call self-activity. With this, learning in Seibo is an active process; the learner is deeply involved in his learning and as such he learns by experiencing, doing, and understanding.

Furthermore, Seibo’s philosophy is that of a progressive education. In this school of thought, the child is made the center of the educative process. Hence, the child, with purposes and interests, is made the starting principle of learning. Guidance is also an integral part of learning. According to progressivists, education is a process of guidance. It is a part any educative process as far as growth and development of an individual is concerned.

Seibo College aims to produce learners who:

  • are believers and good followers of Christ;
  • are responsible, independent, effective planners and wise decision-makers;
  • love and value learning and as an effect become lifelong learners;
  • respect and honor life.


Why Choose Us

  • Love for Students 
  • Learners acquire 21st Century Learning Skills 
  • Flexible System to cater individual differences 
  • Learning is not confined in school 
  • Study anytime and anywhere 

Get In Touch

  • Add: 172 Panghulo Road Brgy. Panghulo, Malabon City
  • Email: admin@seibocollegeph.com
  • Tel:(+632) 2939688 
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